Pre-Mounted Backlighting Solutions


Linear Matrix offers the option of a pre-mounted backlighting solution for our uniquely designed "Backlit Linkable Modules" and other backlighting systems.

The service of  pre-mounted lighting is available to provide the client a cost effective solution and an easier site installation process. Linear Matrix guarantees the manufactured product reliability and this then provides the qualified electrician a speedier installation process, hence reducing on-site labour costs to the client.

The pre-mounted lighting solution boards are manufactured and made into a single electronic circuit, ready for installation by your preferred electrical tradesman. Where required for wet/damp or outdoor applications, the manufacturing process can be treated with water resistant coatings for the pre-mounted boards (additional cost applies).

The "Backlit Linkable Modules" are mounted onto the following surfaces relative to the application :

  • 6mm Rigid White PVC Board

  • 3mm Aluminium Composite Panel (recommend for outdoor applications)

  • 4mm Aluminium Fire Rated Panel - AS 1503.1, AS1503.3 - Non Combustible

Linear Matrix can manufacture and configure pre-mounted boards of any custom size and shape required. The "Backlit Linkable Module's" flexibility and customisation properties also allows it to be mounted to curved surfaces as well as flat surfaces.

The pre-mounted boards can be made to a maximum size of 2400 x 1205mm, but by using multiple pre-mounted boards, virtually any sized area or shape of backlighting can be achieved.

Example of large area configuration

Example of large area configuration

All pre-mounted boards are made and then tested for a minimum of 48 hours by our technicians, prior to being dispatched from our Australian (AU) or Netherlands (NL) factories.

Linear Matrix provides a 5-year commercial grade limited warranty on the all pre-mounted solutions .


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