Illuminated Ceilings


Linear Matrix Full Backlit Ceilings

Linear Matrix Full Backlit Ceilings can completely transform any space into a modern symbol of style and design, making it the ideal option for an eye-catching and functional lighting feature. The material used to achieve our illuminated ceilings are made from a versatile diffusion sheet, that can be stretched to fit any shaped ceiling from edge to edge, up to 50 square meters in size.

All illuminated ceilings can be designed to match any project as they can be flat, vaulted, curved or moulded into any 3D shape, and are available in several different finishes. The ceilings can also accommodate any other ceiling fittings, such as extra light fittings, sprinklers, or vents as needed.

Using our Linear Matrix Backlighting modules, we can guarantee a perfectly illuminated and evenly backlit ceiling, as well as being able to have full custom control over the lighting through any of our lighting control systems offered, from DALI to RF remotes. Lighting options include colour renderings such as single colour 6000k pure white or 3000k warm, dual colour 2700k to 6500k CCTW tuneable white and four colour RGBW, RGB gamut control plus 6000K pure white.

Applications: Bathrooms, lounges, hallways, bedrooms, office settings, lobby entrances, lighting features, residential or commercial application apply.

5 colour renderings available:

  • 6000k Pure White (crisp white lighting)

  • 4000k Cool White (neutral white lighting)

  • 3000k Warm White (Tungsten warm coloured light)

  • 2700K to 6500k CCT Adjustable White (Lighting control required)

  • RGBW Full Colour Spectrum plus a 6000k Pure White (Lighting control required)


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