Illuminated Ceilings


Illuminated Ceiling Melbourne & Sydney

The pinnacle of contemporary style, design and elegance, illuminated ceilings are an increasingly common feature in both residential and commercial properties.

Illuminated ceilings fit flush over the existing ceiling without making the room feel closed-in or cramped. The vibrant light can add depth to even the smallest space and is a perfect option for locations and interiors that may not have access to direct sunlight, such as apartments or hotel lobbies.

Offering a clean and consistent look to expansive lobbies or halls as well as easily lighting kitchens and bathrooms, illuminated ceilings can add value to a property and are a popular feature with many home buyers.

A sought-after replacement or stand-in for a skylight, illuminated ceilings provide a consistent and comfortable source of light all year long and can be easily adjusted according to the time of day, or when changing the function of the space.

At Linear Matrix we are one of the most requested names when it comes to professional services and solutions for illuminated ceilings in Melbourne and Sydney, offering a wide selection of tailored options to suit any space or property.

As an Australian owned and operated company, we fully understand exactly how important it is to deliver a comprehensive and reliable service.

Our illuminated ceilings are versatile and functional, working for both commercial and residential properties.

We work closely with each of our clients to create and develop a design that is made to work for their property. Whether it is a conference room, large dining space, a residential hallway or expansive gallery, we can provide an illuminated lighting installation and design service that will complement and define the space.   

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and have provided premier illuminated ceilings and other stunning lighting solutions to clients across Australia and overseas.

To learn more about the design and style benefits of our illuminated ceilings in Sydney and Melbourne, clients can call the Linear Matrix staff today on 03 8669 2002.

5 colour renderings available:

  • 6000k Pure White (crisp white lighting)

  • 4000k Cool White (neutral white lighting)

  • 3000k Warm White (Tungsten warm coloured light)

  • 2700K to 6500k CCT Adjustable White (Lighting control required)

  • RGBW Full Colour Spectrum plus a 6000k Pure White (Lighting control required)


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