Linear Matrix Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Lunatone
Lighting control products.
Lunatone is an Vienna, Austria based lighting and control gear electronic manufacturer with

a specific focus DALI technologies and advanced control developments.

Lunatone's goal is to provide costumers with excellent technical solutions and advanced
developments, to do so we rely on our competent and innovative employees, with year-long
experience in industrial electronics as well as various experts, including the Vienna
University of Technology. The foundation of Lunatone’s leading technical solutions is
competent information technology, power electronics circuit, system design, mechanical
engineering and software development.

DALI systems

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is the acronym for a standard two-wire bus system
for the control of lighting systems and similar systems used for modern building management.
This open (non-proprietary) system, which has found widespread use in recent years, makes
impressive light moods possible in a simple and economical way. One of our main scopes is
the development and production of DALI components. Our assortment includes sensors and control
devices as well as interfaces and lighting equipment.



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