Challenge Kitchen: Kitchen of the Future

The Block is an Australian reality television series broadcast on the Nine Network. The series follows four or five couples as they compete against each other to renovate houses/apartments and sell them at auction for the highest price.

Wow what a show stopper! From Julia & Sasha coming from behind and absolutely blowing away The Block judges with a stunning display state of the art kitchen in the house of the Future Challenge apartment.

Using our cutting-edge Australian Designed colour adjustable tuneable white CCTW Linear Matrix LED Backlit Linkable Modules behind the equally Stunning Caesarstone Concetto White Quartz™ for the island designed by Glowing structures.

The Linear Matrix LED Backlighting solution provides a consistent, even glow which was fixed to the face of the joinery carcass which only requires 50mm of airgap from the rear of the stone surface.

Utilising Lunatone DALI dimming control provides the ability to have the LED lighting dim and change colour temperature, with a simple voice command using the C-Bus system.

An extremely detailed technical solution to provide the user with the simplest of control.

The illumination of the Caesarstone Concetto product was transformed and brought to life with the use of Linear Matrix’s adjustable white (CCTW) Backlit Linkable Modules carefully detailed to provide a perfect, even illumination in a confined, restricted space.

Our Lighting was seamlessly incorporated within the voice activated home automation system, enabling full dimming control capabilities and transition from Pure White 6500k to Warm White 2700k light to complement the simple voice commands programmed.

Glowing Structures were responsible for the design & detailing of the joinery lighting such that, an even, homogenous glow was achieved, enhancing the Concetto Stone panel, expressing the natural characteristics and feature of the precious material.


Benchtops: Caesarstone® Concetto White Quartz™London Grey™ & Vanilla Noir™ and Noir Matt Nano Streamline

Lighting Design & consultation : Glowing Structures

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Linear Matrix Australia: 03 8669 2002

Glowing Structure: 1300 813 546

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