Linear Matrix Virtual Skylight

Linear Matrix Australia would like to introduce the Third Generation Illuminated Virtual Skylight.

This latest generation of the illuminated virtual Skylight can be tuned to provide a soft, Warm light for dusk/dawn lighting to a bright Daylight to mimic the midday sun using the Linear Matrix CCTW backlit linkable lighting modules.

The lighting control can be fully automated using stand alone smart DALI lighting control or using other lighting automation system example Clipsal C-Bus or Philips Dynalite systems.

The illuminated Virtual Skylight can be installed in a ceiling recesses of as little as 60mm, we recommend recessing the virtual skylight to provide depth of field for maximum impact. Illuminated Virtual Skylights can be installed in a range of properties, including residential, commercial and even industrial!

Imagine an illuminated skylight in a ground floor apartment or office, this is exactly the ideal application for the Linear Matrix illuminated Virtual Skylight.

The illuminated virtual Skylight is the only real alternative to natural light, the illuminated Virtual Skylight can be supplied with end user interchangeable backgrounds, blue skies, forests, abstract artwork, patterns or pure transparent white upon request.

All units can be custom manufactured in any sizes from 650 x 650mm and to 2450 x 3000mm without any
breaks in the scene.