Flexible LED Strips


LED options:
HO Series (High Output) @ 14.4 watts per metre
Flex28/35/PW 6000K Pure White @ 1450 Lm/m
Flex28/35/CW 4000K Cool White @ 1250 Lm/m
Flex28/35/WW 3000K Warm White @ 1100 Lm/m
Note: HO Series must be mounted to Aluminium for heat dispersion.

Premium ECO Series @ 4.8 watts per metre
Flex35/28/PW 6000K Pure White @ 500 Lm/m
Flex35/28/WW 3000K Warm White @ 425 Lm/m

PCB inc LED thickness:
HO Series - 1.25mm / Premium ECO - 2.25mm

Common areas where different colour temperatures are can be used:
6000k Pure White - Commercial, retail, art studios, hospitals
4000k Cool white – kitchen, study, bathroom, offices, retail
3000k Warm white – living room, bedrooms, hallways

5 colour renderings available:
6000k Pure White (crisp white lighting)
4000k Cool White (neutral white lighting)
3000k Warm White (Tungsten warm coloured light)
2700K to 6500k CCT Adjustable White (Lighting control required)
RGBW Full Colour Spectrum plus a 6000k Pure White (Lighting control required)

– Designed & Engineered by Linear Matrix Australia
– Continuous light without shadowing
– 12 or 24vDC regulated working voltage
– Colour Rendering Index - CRI90>
– High Quality white binning (3SDCM)
– 8-10mm High Quality Flexible PCB
– Cuttable
– High lumen output
– Dimmable (PWM)
– 120 degree LED viewing angle
– 3M Adhesive tape for easy mounting
– IP Rating: IP20 (indoor use only)
– Lifetime over 50,000 hours


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