Backlighting Caesarstone Concetto


Image Source: Ceasarstone Australia

Backlighting of Semi-Precious Solid Surfaces

Linear Matrix is specialised in backlighting high end residential/commercial projects using semi-precious solid surface materials such as, Caesarstone Concetto.

The below example shows the Caesarstone Concetto, Blue Agate 8531 which has a natural blue translucent finish, being backlit. This example of the Caesarstone Concetto Blue Agate comes from a 20mm slab, which is backlit by Linear Matrix’s Pure White Backlighting LED Module (Model: LM-SL600PW). The distance from the back of the stone to the LED module is 30mm maximising the brightness of illumination effect of this beautiful solid stone surface.

Other popular lighting options used for semi-precious stones include the Linear Matrix’s Circadian Rhythm, CCTW Dual White LED Backlighting Module (LM-SL600CCTW). The dual colour module has the ability to backlight solid surfaces with a colour temperature from 2700k warm white to 6500k pure white, and anywhere in between. The CCTW option allows you to finely tune the light output for the desired colour of the stone.

The Linear Matrix LED Backlighting Modules can be used in applications such as bench tops, splashbacks, wall panelling and furniture. Linear Matrix has backlit stone being used in many of the previously mentioned applications, finding a solution for even the most unique backlighting requirements.

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