The Block 2016: Challenge Kitchen - Julia & Sasha


Sasha & Julia Challenge Kitchen - Kitchen of the Future

Sasha & Julia were on the hunt to outdo even themselves when it came to the kitchen in the Challenge apartment (House of the Future).

They needed something special!

Both girls contacted Adam from Glowing Structures who recommended the Linear Matrix LED Backlit Linkable modules for backlit translucent stone, as a key feature in the challenge apartment.

Immediately after seeing what can be achieved, their response was, “that’s exactly what we need in this kitchen challenge”. After making the enquiry with Glowing Structures on where to get this type of backlighting, they were pointed to us here at Linear Matrix Australia and out came the idea of backlighting the island bench fascias!

Sasha & Julia were overly excited that they were going to illuminate their kitchen in such a unique way.

The Project:

The plan was to backlight the Front and sides of the island bench with the unique colour temperature controlled (CCTW) LED modules from Linear Matrix Australia. This will allow the LED’s to not only vary the brightness of light, but to also allow you to vary the type of light, from a Warm White to a Pure White depending on the mood or occasion.

In conjunction with Freedom Kitchens, Glowing Structures, Caesarstone, Smart Home Automation and Linear Matrix Australia, the process was put into action to deliver a unique illuminated kitchen island that will excite anyone that sees it.

The result of this challenge is telegraphed clearly by the judge’s comments and response.

In case you missed the episodes, see the below videos to catch up!

Glowing Structures were responsible for the design & detailing of the joinery lighting such that, an even, homogeneous glow was achieved, enhancing the natural beauty of the Concetto Stone panel, expressing the natural characteristics and feature of the precious material.

Linear Matrix Australia provided the LED backlighting panels which are the cutting edge of technology. The slimline LED panel provides a consistent, even glow which was fixed to the joinery carcass. The dimmable drivers supplied by Linear Matrix provide the ability to have the lighting dim and change colour temperature, all with a simple voice command. An extremely detailed technical solution to provide the user with the simplest of control.

Styling: Julia from The Block