Illuminated Shelf Lighting

Made to order and based on the Linear Matrix Light engine, the illuminated shelving system emits balance white light TOP & BOTTOM of you products/ items on display.
Large shelves can be illuminated up to 1800 x 600 at only 12mm depth. Working on low voltage 12vDC many shelves can run of a single LED driver. Shelves over 600mm in width require glass shelf support to prevent bending of the illuminated shelf.

With an 5 year warranty on our LED lighting & 3 year warranty on the LED drivers, ZERO servicing for 13 years (when used 18 hours a day, 7 days a week), the Linear Matrix lighting illuminated shelf system is a worry free answer to your lighting needs. All units are Designed, Engineered and Manufactured  in Australia using the highest grade LED’s and materials and backed with an unbeatable warranty.

3 colour renderings available:
6000k Pure White (crisp white lighting)
4000k Cool White (neutral white lighting)
3000k Warm White (Tungsten warm coloured light)